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Smart products for busy parents

GeoSmartPro is a London-based start-up, founded in late 2018. It was founded due to the experience of the Founder and CEO, Uzair Rafi’s wife had a baby during the peak of the UK’s heatwave, and the couple was struggling with a normal fan due to constantly having to wake up at night and managing the airflow at the optimum level.


The midwife had mentioned that newborns should not have a constant flow of air on them, plus the fan was really noisy at night, so he had to keep getting out of bed to switch his fan off/on, it was a challenging few weeks.


They look and could not find a smart pedestal fan on the market at an affordable price anywhere, even though there are so many smart products out there. He concluded that it’s a situation other parents like him must be experiencing around the world and he wanted to gather with the rest of the team and develop a solution for it.

Following a lot of research, the team came across many other situations in which a smart fan would solve current problems. It wasn’t just newborns and new parents that would benefit from this, it would also be the elderly, people going through menopause, people suffering from hormone fluctuations/ hot flushes, people with mobility issues and more. The target market didn’t just end there, the team came across situations where people were stating that they needed a smart fan for their pets at home. This was to ensure that they could control their pets’ airflow in the peak of the summer when they’re away from home.


A lot of work went into the design, build and overall innovation of AirGo Smart Fan. The team launched the UK’s first smart pedestal fan, AirGo Smart Fan in the summer 2019, which was awarded for its quietness and received a lot of press coverage during the heatwave for being one of the best fans in the market.

Smart fan for keeping animals cool in summer
Smart fan and beauty light mirror

Since 2020, a year since the pandemic hit globally, there was a significant shift in our daily activities and lifestyle, and remote working become the new norm, as many of us now work from home, without the luxury of office air conditioning. As a result of a new change, new problems arise, with indoor air quality becoming the focus. The continuity of conducting virtual meetings with our having ideal lighting, the camera, tripod, and more. Thus, specialising in producing app-enabled Smart Home products, the team then released its latest launch, AirLit the portable smart ring light, mirror, and fan and the UK’s first multi-purpose fan.


AirLit has been designed to help people feel much more confident and comfortable when on screen. The ring light can be positioned to offer a flattering appearance for calls or video content creation, while the fan offers better comfort without the noise of having a window open.


GeoSmartPro won ‘Business Elite Awards’ – Most Innovative Home Automation Products, 2020 - London. Our team strives to innovate connected products that have a consumer focus and that aim to make lives easier. The team is now focusing on growing other market areas and on product innovation based on their product roadmap.

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